Our goal is to find the right solution for the challenge we face. With more than 10 years of experience in the Portuguese market, we are strategic partners and our clients gain more availability and resources to focus in areas necessary for the satisfaction of their own clients.

At SAPiENT, we know the business of our clients, identify their needs and, together with the client in an effective partnership, we reach the common goal.

The accumulated experience of our consultants (average, more than 9 years), allows high performance in the projects.

Our consultants:

  • Are selected in accordance with the best practice in recruitment and selection;
  • Have training in technical skills and softs skills necessary for the functions to be performed;
  • Are motivated for the challenges they have to face.

Reducing the risk to our customers, promoting collaboration and sharing skills.

Other critical success factors

  • SAPiENT guarantees the replacement of consultants allocated by consultants of similar profile, within 1 month after client request;
  • Competence: more than 20 consultants with an average of 9 years experience;
  • We provide a face-to-face consulting, with specialized and certified skills, allowing a detailed identification of the best solution;
  • Ability to raise skills, expressed by the synergies that can be obtained, based on the effective integration of knowledge and experience of consultants, resulting in a wide range of solutions to clients;
  • Capacity of skills transfer, through the provision and transfer of knowledge needed at the right time;
  • Return of experience resulting from the projects in which it has participated and the knowledge that their consultants have.

Why do our clients choose SAPiENT to Outsourcing challenges?

At SAPiENT, the Outsourcing of consultants is focused on customer value added:

  • Reducing the risk – the goals are implemented by stages;
  • Innovating – Following best practices, we’re going to meet higher efficiency ;
  • Cost reduction – our client focus on the business, SAPiENT focus in support activities;
  • Control – through our methodology, the client plans more efficiently costs and long-term resources allocation;
  • Resources – SAPiENT improves the quality of service provided to users releasing internal resources for business.