SAPiENT CSI through its partnerships in technology area, allows to address more specific business areas of a company. Through rapid development tools, like the Genexus and Outsystems,  SAPiENT CSI can deliver features and projects faster and multiplatform and multichannel.

AbleWise Consulting, company from SAPiENT CSI Universe, supports SAPiENT CSI and its customers through a team of many experienced consultants in the area of development.

As an example find bellow the result of these partnerships, which led to the following products:

  • Wise RH
    Human resource management software for private and public sector, 100% web based, that allows companies, with a only product, to provide all the necessary tools to manage your human capital.
  • Wise Docs
    Solution that allows to dematerialize all processes of conducting documents within your organization.
  • Wise Meeting
    Solution designed and optimized to perform management and dematerialisation of meetings of the Management Board.
  • Wise Finance Reporting
    Portal that allows you to automatically generate all reports required to be delivered by financial institutions to the Bank of Portugal.

In the area of SAP consulting, in particular in Human Resources was possible to develop additional features/Sub-modules that deliver productivity gains and process improvement. A few examples:

  • Automatic management of sick leaves and accidents at work
  • Provisions implemented in the payroll process
  • Automatic generation of pre-defined absences on time evaluation
  • Staff assignment invoicing